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Dedicated to the Replacement Business

Our Universal Replacement products are designed to endure the most rugged handling and withstand the increased workload expected of quality replacement products through years of service

Silence Your Traditional Condenser Blades

Lau’s Cobra Blades are up to 10 times quieter than traditional condenser blades!

Lau Is Your Provider of Gates Belts & Accessories – The Premium HVAC Belt Choice

• Gates is the world’s largest manufacturer of power transmission belts for problem-solving applications

Swept Wing Condenser Blades


Lau’s swept wing, high static efficiency propellers can be used to replace traditional square condenser propellers to make units up to 10 times quieter.



Ceiling Radiation Dampers


Lau’s CCD7T – the only damper that allows you to use your own boot or plenum and still maintain the UL rating



Silence Traditional Condenser Blades

Sunday, October 06, 2013

We've taken the guesswork out of replacing a traditional condenser blade with quieter, swept wing, high static efficiency blades with our helpful cross...


Replacing a 3-Blade Propeller with a 4 or 5-Blade Propeller

Sunday, October 06, 2013

You can replace a propeller with a propeller that has a different number of blades. For example, if you have a condenser that has a 3-blade fan, you can replace it with a 4 or 5-blade propeller.