Integral Sleeve & Retaining Angles


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Lau offers both FAST & PFMA retaining angles for use in walls and concrete floors.  Lau’s FAST & PFMA are 20 gauge steel mounting angles designed and approved for use specifically with Lau fire and fire/smoke dampers.  Unlike conventional mounting angles that cannot be fastened together in the corners and ship separately from the dampers, the FAST and PFMA are:
One piece angles (fastened together in the corners)
Shipped loose around damper
Provided with pre-punched sleeve fastener holes on 2” centers

FAST – One Side Angle

The Lau FAST angle is designed and UL approved for use with the Lau ½ hour rated fire and combination fire/smoke dampers.  An angle on “one side” is approved for opening sizes 90” w x 48” h or 48” w x 90” h in metal stud, wood stud walls or concrete/masonry walls and floors.

For one side angle installations the FAST must be fastened to the damper sleeve and partition in accordance with the damper basic installation instructions.  Both FAST & PFMA angles require factory installed sleeve.

PFMA – Two Side Angles

The Lau PFMA is designed and UL approved for use with Lau 1-1/2 or 3 hour fire and fire/smoke dampers when two angle installations are required or desired.  PFMA are installed on both sides of the partition and fastened only to the damper sleeve in accordance with the damper basic installation instructions.

FAST & PFMA Mounting Angles Catalog