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Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers function as both a fire damper and a smoke damper in a single unit.  HVAC system designers often combine smoke barriers and fire rated partitions, requiring both a fire damper and a smoke damper to be installed in the same location.  A combination  Fire/Smoke damper is recommended in this situation.

Lau Fire/Smoke dampers meet the requirements of both UL Standards 555 (fire dampers) and 555S (smoke dampers).  

All combination Fire/Smoke dampers require factory installed actuators, either electric or pneumatic.  They are controlled by a smoke or heat detector signal, fire alarm or other building control system to prevent the spread of smoke.  Manual or automatic override allows the damper to be used as part of an engineered smoke control system.  When temperatures exceed the closure temperature of the damper, the blades close and lock to protect the integrity of the fire rated partition.  Lau Fire/Smoke dampers are always supplied with the appropriate factory-mounted actuator and UL label.

Lau’s corridor dampers are tested in accordance to UL555 and are Class 2 leakage rated per UL555S.  Corridor dampers are available in different configurations for installation and access requirements.  

CFS2C Class II Corridor Fire/Smoke Combination Damper

Installation Instructions
CFS2C Installation Instructions
Fire Damper Operating & Maintenance Instructions

Supplemental Installation Instructions
Extension of Damper Sleeves
Flanged System Breakaway Connections
SP100 Field Installation
Tunnel Corridor Framing Installation

Technical Information
Air Performance Data for Fire/Smoke Dampers
Controlled Closure
Field Procedure for Testing EFL
Fire/Life Safety Products Quick Reference Chart
Fire/Smoke Damper Actuator Accessory Space Envelopes
Fire/Smoke Damper General Information

DSDF Flow Duct Smoke Detector
DSDN No Flow Duct Smoke Detector
EFL/SP100 Fuse Link & Switch Packages
Electronic Fuse Link (EFL)
Master Control Panels
Pneumatic Fuse Link (PFL)
TS150 Firestat

331-4827 Siemens Pneumatic Damper Actuator
H2000 120V Honeywell Actuator
H2024 24V Honeywell Actuator
ML4202, ML4302, ML4702, ML4802, ML8202, ML8302 Fast Acting, Two Position Actuators
MS4209F, MS8209F Fast Acting, Two Position Actuators
OpenAir Series GGD Electronic Damper Actuator

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Fire/Smoke Damper Ordering Made Easy