Smoke Dampers


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All smoke detectors require factory installed actuators, either electric or pneumatic.  They are controlled by a smoke or heat detector signal, fire alarm or other building control system.  

Smoke dampers are qualified under UL Standard 555S, Leakage Rated Dampers for Use in Smoke Control Systems.  Lau smoke detectors are always supplied with the appropriate factory mounted actuator and UL label.  UL555S requires all smoke dampers to be rated for operation with an approved actuator at a minimum airflow velocity of 2,000 fpm when open, and against a minimum pressure of 4 inches w.g. during closure.  Smoke dampers should be specified based on the conditions they will be exposed to in their application.

CSD37 Class I Smoke Damper
CSD36 Class II Smoke Damper
CSDR25 Class I True Round Smoke Damper

Installation Instructions
Smoke Damper Installation Instructions
Fire Damper Operating & Maintenance Instructions

Supplemental Installation Instructions
TDF & TDC Field Add-On Connections

Technical Information
Fire/Life Safety Products Quick Reference Chart
Smoke Damper General Information
Smoke Damper Multiple Section Details

Master Control Panels

331-2961 Siemens Pneumatic Damper Actuator
331-3060 Siemens Pneumatic Damper Actuator
331-4827 Siemens Pneumatic Damper Actuator
FSLF120(-S), FSLF24(-S) Belimo Electric Damper Actuator
FSNF120(-S), FSNF24(-S) Belimo Fire/Smoke Damper Actuator
H2000 120V Honeywell Actuator
H2024 24V Honeywell Actuator
ML4202, ML4302, ML4702, ML4802, ML8202, ML8302 Fast Acting, Two Position Actuator
MS4120F, MS8120F Fast Acting, 2 Position Actuator
OpenAir Series GGD Electronic Damper Actuator

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Smoke Damper Ordering Made Easy