Propeller Accessories

Split Tapered Bushings for desired bore size come in H-style (for 24”-28” props) and P-style (for 54”-60” props).

Interchangeable Hubs for 3, 4 & 5-Blade Propellers
Interchangeable Hubs for Hubless Propellers
Interchangeable hubs are all steel with extra metal for durability in the two mounting surfaces (hex & round). One inventory for all propellers – hex on one side, round on the other (use either). 5/8” and ¾” models have keyway with extended body length for increased strength. Double locking device grips threads without backing out.

Hub pullers are available for both heavy duty and general applications. The heavy duty hub puller is zinc plated, heavy steel construction. Instructions for using a hub puller are available.

Rainshields are an inexpensive way to protect your motor. They prevent rain from getting into the motor bearings on vertical shaft motor applications and are used as original equipment on most new air conditioners. Press-on fit for ½” to 5/8” shafts. Available in 7” with interior cooling blades which reduce motor winding temperature to protect open motor or 3-1/2” for closed motors protects bearings.

Pitch gauges measure the correct pitch and rotation direction of propellers.

Allen head screws designed for universal hubs




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